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Why does moxibustion not work for you? 为什么灸后反而不舒适? In addition to the common causes of disease-repercussion, lack of moxibustion or excessive moxibustion, and lack of food supplements, there may be a number of moxibustion friends failed to achieve the following points. Next, Shandong moxibustion training will summarize the things that should be prevented when moxibustion, hoping to help you all! ___________
1. Think less and turn off the computer.
艾灸时, 难得的是有一颗安宁,宁静的心!一颗宁静的心,才会让艾的能量更好的融入身体。少思虑是首当其冲 重要一条,你用什么态度去面对艾,艾也会用什么态度给你效果。艾灸时尽量不要聊天,当然也不是一句话不说,在气机转换、需求一个出口的时分,是能够放松的说话,那时分说话反而是个发泄和释放。这个点在什么时分,多领会,自然会了解。
Moxibustion, the most rare is a quiet, quiet heart! A quiet heart, will let Ai's energy better integrate into the body. Think less is the first and most important one. What attitude do you use to face Ai? What attitude will Ai use to give you effect? When moxibustion, try not to chat, of course, not to say a word. When the air machine changes and an outlet is needed, it is a relaxed talk. At that time, speaking is a vent and release. When do you understand this point, you will understand it naturally.
2. Moxibustion sensation, moxibustion sensation, moxibustion sensation
We've had enough to eat. We don't know we can eat any more! Similarly, a point "moxibustion satiety", that should also stop moxibustion or change an acupoint. "Full", the amount of moxibustion at this acupoint is enough. Good moxibustors understand this, so they never look at their watches. A good moxibusted person is more likely to appreciate the feeling of fullness at a certain acupoint. For example, moxibustion at this acupoint, there is a feeling that energy is sucked in, and later no suction, you can feel that he closed the door, this is moxibustion satiety; and for example, moxibustion at a certain acupoint is constantly feeling good, fire has not changed, suddenly feel from warm, penetrating, to hot skin without going in, this is also a performance of satiety; and then moxibustion life gate, a force from the onset of moxibustion downward to small. Abdomen, gradually through the strength of the weak and then disappear, moxibustion also tends to quiet, which is full.
3. Warm up before moxibustion, the effect is obvious.
If you regard moxibustion as a "matter of fact", then I suggest that you "warm up" before moxibustion, so that the body will be activated first, and then moxibustion effect will be better. For example, before moxibustion, soak your feet in hot water, then relax your body by massaging and pushing, such as pushing abdomen, beating, scraping meridians of limbs, etc. If someone helps you dredge the two bladder meridians of your back, it would be better to smooth them downward from the beginning of your back.
4. Do not take "Qi" with moxibustion.
The taboo of moxibustion says that people can't moxibuste when they are in great sorrow. The summary of this experience is reasonable, but many people can not do it.
During the period of moxibustion treatment, there will always be some moxibustion friends, although some of the conventional diseases, but moxibustion treatment is ineffective, very strange. At the beginning, the reason is always found in other places. Is the firepower low? Is there a mistake in acupoint selection? After much experience, we found that these patients have one thing in common: sulking!
中医把身体、心理、天地、节气、自然都综合到一同作为人的整体去诊断, 所以,患者的心理作用影响很大,心若堵了,艾灸帮不上你!
Traditional Chinese medicine integrates body, psychology, heaven and earth, solar terms and nature as a whole to diagnose. Therefore, the psychological role of patients has a great impact. If the heart is blocked, moxibustion can't help you! 
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