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Everyone should have seen moxibustion. Do you know the use of moxibustion? Next, I will tell you about the use of moxibustion, moxibustion sticks already lit, with the thumb, index finger, middle finger of the right hand, aiming at the moxibustion site, 0.5-1.0 inches (2-3 centimeters) interval for moxibustion. In the process of fumigation and moxibustion, moxa sticks should be fixed in the place where moxibustion should be applied, and should not be moved. Generally, each acupoint passage should be carried out for about 5 minutes. Locally, there is warm sensation without burning pain, until the skin appears a little red halo. This method is suitable for treating deficiency syndrome, cold syndrome and other problems. It is also often used in health moxibustion.
The moxa stick is pointed at one end, aiming at the moxibustion site, similar to the bird pecking the same, in the same way of falling, near and far. Each time, the interval between moxa stick and skin is 2 to 3 centimeters. The interval is usually 5 to 10 minutes. The degree of skin flushing is the degree of moxa stick. This method has stronger heat sensation than other moxibustion methods and is mostly used in emergencies and some more stubborn diseases.
Cyclotron moxibustion
Put the moxa stick at one end and keep an inch (3 cm) interval with the skin of the moxibustion site. Parallel reciprocating (similar ironing) can make the skin warm without burning. The time is 20 to 30 minutes. This method is suitable for superficial and large lesions, such as dermatitis and bedsores.
1. The performer should be solemn, devoted and meticulous. Before moxibustion, patients should be explained the requirements of operation, eliminate fear, and obtain the cooperation of patients. If scar moxibustion is to be used, patient's consent must be obtained first.
2. Clinical moxibustion should choose the right position, which requires the patient's position to be level and comfortable. It is not only conducive to the accurate selection of acupoints, but also conducive to the placement of moxibustion and the smooth completion of moxibustion.
3. Moxibustion quantity of moxibustion by moxibustion is usually regulated by the size of moxibustion by moxibustion. Generally speaking, for those who are initially ill and physically strong, Ai Bing should be large and strong; for those who are chronically ill and physically weak, Ai Bing should be small and strong.
According to the characteristics of the moxibustion site, moxibustion on the head, face and chest should not be applied with Dabing moxibustion; moxibustion on the waist and abdomen should be applied with Dabing moxibustion; moxibustion on the thin and multi-tendons and bones at the end of limbs should not be used with more moxibustion; and moxibustion on the thick skin and muscles of shoulders and two thicknesses should be applied with more strength. More should be combined with the disease moxibustion, if it is cold and cold, Yang Qi want to be removed, non-Big Bingduo moxibustion can not be effective; if it is exogenous cold, carbuncle pain, it should be grasped moderately, otherwise it is easy to cause evil heat and depression have adverse consequences.
4. Moxibustion treatment is widely used. Although it can benefit Yang, it can also injure Yin. In clinic, moxibustion should be used cautiously for diseases such as Yin deficiency and Yang hyperactivity, internal closure of pathogenic substances and hot toxicity.
5. When applying moxibustion, scar moxibustion should not be used in facial features, heart area, distribution of large blood vessels, etc. It should be cautious to use forbidden moxibustion or cautious moxibustion at acupoints. Moxibustion should not be applied to the abdomen and lumbosacral region of pregnant women.
6. When applying moxibustion or warming moxibustion, attention should be paid to avoiding the falling of moxibustion fire and the burning of skin and clothing. In the course of moxibustion, we should know the patient's reaction at any time, adjust the interval between moxibustion fire and skin in time, grasp the quantity of moxibustion, avoid excessive moxibustion and also cause moxibustion injury.
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